Our motto:
      “We discover and give chance to all that is worth.”

      Who is Carla Galli?

      Writer – Motivational trainer – NLP Master Practitioner – Coach
      25 years experience: self-knowledge, personal and corporate self-development.
      A Boy and a Girl’s Mother.
      Six self-awareness books, several meditation CDs and many articles.
      The methodology of his training was based on years of practical experience, NLP, Coaching, self-knowledge and personality training, and the study of the human mind and the brain.
      This method combines the principles of philosophy, psychology, medicine, business technology, quantum physics and modern science.


      I graduated in Kiev from a Chinese school, so I could inhale the basics of the Eastern philosophies already from my childhood. My Italian sounding name comes also from here: at school the children found hard to pronounce Karlikova Galina, so they shortened it, and simply called me Carla. I didn’t know back then that one day, I’ll use this name in another country.

      So, when my first book was published in 1989 entitled Prophetess or witch? I published it under the name Carla Galli, as back then the Russian sounding names were not too popular.
      By the way it was love that brought me to Hungary: I met a wonderful Hungarian man in Kiev and moved to Hungary together with him. I graduated in 1979 in the Faculty of Humanities of the ELTE, and I was constantly asking myself: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What’s my mission? To keep it simple: what’s my task in life?

      I was lucky as the phenomenally talented Albert Ignatyenko visited Hungary at that time, and gave me answers. His lectures helped many people to recognize: the capabilities of human beings are unlimited. We could first hear then what a human being is capable of, if he really knows himself and uses his energies positively.

      The professional advice from Albert and the support from Dr. Antal Weninger helped me in writing my next book, entitled Do you want to be a Phenomenon? The book is about the recognition of the fact that we bear human energies and about how we can use them. We also packaged a meditation CD to the book, so that vast wisdom of the book can be turned into real knowledge that can be applied in everyday life. Events speeded up after this. I founded the Hungarian Scientific Society for Para-Research, later based on the lectures of Albert Ignatyenko we launched with Janos Deri the TV program Encounters of the Zero Kind. Shortly after my third book, Rejuvenating Yoga was published that was also written with the professional supervision from Dr. Antal Weninger.

      After publishing three books about self-awareness, I was digging deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the human soul, and researched the root causes of our problems. My attitude towards life, soul, self-awareness and self development changed fundamentally.
      I started to practise NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) techniques from the mid ’90s. They enabled me to reach incredible results during my self-development and self-awareness courses. By then I had so many tools in my hands that I knew: I’m able to help anybody in anything, and even the most hopeless situations can be resolved if the person is at least slightly open for the development.
      Later I applied these techniques as well with high success when treating organizations. Management consulting is still one of the major pillars of my activities of course frequently linked with the personal consulting of the executive(s), as these areas influence each other.

      The change of perspective, self-awareness, and the development of emotional and intellectual intelligence shifted into the focus of my work done in the corporate area. Since then I’ve been leading self-awareness trainings and workshops with this in my mind, both in the private and in the corporate sector.

      I first met Bert Hellinger in person in 2003 during an international conference that’s when I became familiar with his methodology. I found it’s efficiency incredible. That’s how I got familiar with the concepts of morphogenetic field, group dynamics, and the family bonds and ties, their importance, and the way family laws work.

      In 2008 it was hypnosis that raised my attention, so I started to study this area, and made a successful exam, therefore I’m also proudly holding the NGH Certified Hypnotist title. I’ve been using this knowledge ever since both in the private and corporate sector.