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For 25 years I have made this my core objective.

My consulting work is quick and efficient with a lifetime impact on your life. The shape of your future is carved by the development you make today!

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Carla Galli’s
fourth book ’Who pays the ferryman?’

was published recently. Her newest book is a real treasure for people who are trying to find their way, and also for people who are just intrigued: it doesn’t instruct, doesn’t teach, doesn’t wear you out with promises.


"Personal branding"

and the "branding of a person", is becoming increasingly important for managers and leaders. One’s identity raises exact and significant feelings in the audience about the values and the quality that characterizes the given individual.



Carla Galli books

Carla Galli’s fourth book ’Who will pay the ferryman?’ was published recently. The author collected all her experience of the last twenty years working as an NLP master, a business consultant and as a deputy of the method of settling down.


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During centuries, self-awareness was thought to be the first step towards wisdom. If you preciselyappraise your abilities, aims, and the strengths and obstacles of your personality, then you can seizethe control of your fate.