It is necessary for Life to see and face our own story. If we do not do this, we carry all the unresolved issues, and in our lives, in our relationship systems, we often encounter similar conflicts.

      Executive coaching is the most effective and efficient tool at to develop leadership skills at corporate organisations.
      When utilised for management development, performance suddenly booms in companies where the key executives are supported by coaching. As a result of executive coaching counter productive critique is transformed into objective evaluation. External motivation (expectations and accountability) is transformed into intrinsic motivation (the joy of value creation). The mind-set of short-term fire fighting to achieve objectives is reshaped into long term strategic thinking.

      The aim of executive coaching is to discover the inner values of the executive, and help them to overcome negative elements which may present barriers to achieving goals. Executive coaching provides the guidance on what should be done to live a successful and harmonious life. Importantly it should be noted that the coach is not an advisor. Instead of fixed solution patterns, the coach primarily uses well targeted questions to lead the executive to his or her own solution or resources. During the coaching sessions the coach uses specially shaped exercises, techniques, and tests, all of which are personalized techniques developed for the individual.

      With the use of the figural systemic constellation methodology we are able to identify problematic points, conflict generating personalities and real life events, enabling the executive to terminate their impact.
      As a result, the possible solutions are revealed, and changes can start. The recognition of the obstacles discovered this way deliberates and gives room for the working of a creative Self. During figural constellations the client can see him or herself, his or her life and the problem generating situations from the outside. It helps to recognize how our inner and surrounding worlds connect in thoughts and emotions, how invisible bonds (relationships) form, and how the parts or elements interact influencing the whole system in a negative or positive way.
      The coach is a “good friend” in the business sense, who is dedicated to and sees as a major objective the requirement to increase the success of the executive both in their business and personal life.