Family constellations – sharing and unlocking spiritual blocks in our subconscious mind.

      I first met Hellinger’s family and systemic constellations in 2003, when I had the chance to meet with Bert Hellinger himself. I was stunned by the efficiency of his method, and this is the reason why I still use it in my team workshops as well as in personal consultations.
      When Bert Hellinger developed the family constellations the main idea behind it was that the problems ocurring in life situations cannot always be directly linked to events happening in our own life.

      Thanks to the energy field that invisibly links us to our ancestors, unresolved problems can surface in our life, and we can even take over (other people’s previous) fates and tasks. It doesn’t matter what kind of families we are from, we received all that could help our lives succeed from here. If we accept this, all the strength and love that we need can flow freely, and we can experience how life just simply carries us. Only facing this in itself can be a cure, but apart from this, during the family constellation we have the chance to try various interventions, which helps in repairing the harmony of the family energy system.

      'The past does not go away! The past is coming with us. And - and that's the point - it's just that we have not been able to solve in the past.'

      Quote: Carla Galli Ki fizeti a révészt?

      The family systemic constellations in many of its elements resembles an interactive lecture. We choose people from the present group who are important members of our family and system. Then we situate them in space. The people sitting in the room are also active participants of the events, and when their consciousness is getting loose they are able to relive some psychologic occurences that have been unknown for them.

      One of the most valuable merits of constellations is that the participants will recognize those systems that control and influence their lives, body systems, careers and also their social and family lives. By recognizing these riddles and by taking responsibility for our actions, we can find strength, self-consciousness, affection and love. These experiences empower us to live our new life. All that we observe during the work of the family and systemic constellations about order and love is the school of life itself.