LIFE COACH COURSE - The awakening and development of the creative consciousness at highest level

      The impact of Heaven is to be good,
      The impact of Earth is to have plenty…”
      /Béla Hamvas/

      During centuries, self-awareness was thought to be the first step towards wisdom. If you precisely appraise your abilities, aims, and the strengths and obstacles of your personality, then you can seize the control of your fate. With our special training program we help the person and the group to relate autonomously to situations which present problems for them and to work on the solutions of those problems. Because …

      'Who is not willing to change and develop, got to the end of his opportunities.'

      (Bill Gates)

      The basis of our program is the development of self-awareness: aims, values, constellation of disciplines, arrangement of the systems and energy levels of our personality, and the recognition of the „blind spot” that blocks the successful managerial activity; the revelation of Energy and the development of personal skills, on the field of creativity, empathy and establishing connections. All these are closely related to each other during the cooperation with a client or partner.
      To experience the unity between the person and the group.
      To recognise what kind of physical, emotional and mental threads lead the private and corporate systems.
      To find the hidden energo-dynamism of the career, relations, and financial systems, and to examine its matrix mapping form in ourselves.
      To assess the efficiency of the „way of success” structure.
      To recognise what the reality is, what has to be changed in the interest of success, what blocks the success of the project.
      „To smooth” the various stresses arising during life, to bring people closer to each other.
      To improve their trust and positive attitude toward each other.
      „The biggest difference in the world is between what we are and what we could be!” Ben Herbster
      Systems approach-based Coach, Consultant and Expert in Organisation Development accredited training. We offer our systems approach and solution-oriented trainings, creative intelligence and competency development programs, organisational development and coaching to all those company leaders and experts interested in organisational development who want to increase their own efficiency and of the organisation led by them by supporting their individual development.

      During the training we teach how to apply these patterns under different circumstances.
      How does our company work?
      How do we choose partners, associates?
      How can we recognise the defects of the organisation/company structure?
      Is it recognisable what kind of physical, emotional and mental threads lead the private and the organisational/company systems?
      Focusing on the increase of the personal efficiency, how can we influence the results of the
      What is the role of the coaching in the building up of an organisation/company, in the development of the associates?
      What is the organisational structure constellation?
      What is the systems approach, solution-based figural coaching?
      These questions are answered during the „system constellation-based coach” and organisation development consultant training.
      Completing the course, the student gains necessary knowledge to develop efficient organisation and have a successful consultant career.
      The training consists of 30 percent theory, 70 percent practice.
      The training provides:
      • recognition of the latest methodological techniques and models, with which the participant of the training will be able to work as a coach and
      • as an Organisational Development (OD) consultant,
      • by understanding the method of the organisational development (OD), the participants will be able to launch changes at companies, small and medium economic enterprises, thus affecting the entire organisational culture.
      Beyond the introduction of the different coaching techniques, the program generates personal development and useful individual changes. Moreover, the continuously tested and experienced development exercises will give self-confidence that will be useful in other parts of life.