Carla Galli’s name is intertwined with personal and business counseling, NLP therapy, self-knowledge training, in short: today, he is one of the most well-known and sought after consultants in Hungary. His books are recommended not only for practicing coaches and trainers, but for all those interested. “Each of my books published during my career represents an era in my life. “

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      Ki fizeti a révészt?

      Carla Galli’s fourth book ’Who will pay the ferryman?’ was published recently. The author collected all her experience of the last twenty years working as an NLP master, a business consultant and as a deputy of the method of settling down. She personally experienced all the miracles in human fates, which – according to her – everyone can achieve, if they would just open up and work on improving their self-awareness , and also their emotional and spiritual intelligence. Today, in Hungary, she is one of the most well-known and sought after advisors.
      Her newest book is a real treasure for people who are trying to find their way, and also for people who are just intrigued: it doesn’t instruct, doesn’t teach, doesn’t wear you out with promises. It just tells stories and stories about her own walk of life, and also, she wrote a book about self-awareness for all those people who are seeking and exploring edification, awareness and LIFE presence in themselves. With the author’s own words: „with everything that you read here, my goal is that you find all the help you require to change everything the way you need to. If you don’t live consciously, it doesn’t excuse you from everything that happens to you, even if you blame others or the circumstances for your own failures. If you don’t know what the motivation behind your actions was, you will just drift, and you will just be a passive, and not an active participant of your own life. We have to understand what it is that controls us, moves us, and what we can have control over, and what we move in turn.
      Carla Galli developed a special „self branding” development program, which is an inevitable part of the current economical crisis management. Carla Galli’s other popular course is the Master code program. Our success (both in business and in our personal lives) greatly depends on how we are able to control our emotions and our thoughts, since they are working simultaneously. The main idea under the Master code program: let’s get to know your emotional world from the inside, let’s develop our creative intelligence so that we can help our own capability come to life.

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      Fiatalító jóga

      Review: Rejuvenation is not an utopia anymore in the light of the present knowledge. However, besides medical science, philosophy, psychology and sociology, doing exercises is not enough to reach success in rejuvenation, because it is mainly the yoga breathing that has the most importance. The breathing that we get to know during yoga is an inexhaustible resource. A lay person would not even think that practicing the different yoga breathings and asanas in due measure can not only make our lives longer due to the enhancement of the vital forces, but we can protect our work capacity, endurance and the vitality of our body in such a measure, that according to the experiences, older people might look ten-twenty years younger of their ages… Therefore, there is an urgent need for everybody, if possible yet in our younger days, to pick up that knowledge which is needed to preserve our youth as long as possible.

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      Akar-e fenom-ÉN lenni?

      From the prehistoric age up to nowadays humanity is concerned about the „supernatural” skills of certain fellow-beings. Wise-women, medicine-men, witch- doctors, prophets made their healing treatments smothered in mystic fog. The fluctuation of the power of the body and soul, the periodic dominance of one or the
      other defines the health condition of a person. Thus, health is not only a gift we were born with, but we have to strive for it day by day. Just like in the nature, there is a constant fight even in the human body for possessing the energies. Jesus Christ used manual medicine, Buddha healed with putting pressure on different parts of the body. This book gives orientation and advice how to use our hidden assets of energy.

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      Jósnő vagy Boszorkány?

      In our time, when people need spiritual support, there is a woman living among them, who fills strength and courage into their being. She warns them, protects them, gives advices. Who is that mysterious woman? A fortune-teller? Or a witch? People who once listened to her return even after years. They have already experienced that what Fairy Helen said many-many years ago is all true by now – in vain seemed everything to be incredible at that time. When and how did she realise her heavenly talent? A fortune-teller who would stop every stranger walking on the street to warn him: be careful, stranger, you are in trouble! Don’t be sad, you will be happy soon! In this book, written as a report, the journalist – author gives answers to these and many other interesting questions.

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