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Our motto: “We discover and give chance to all that is worth.”

Life is flowing, active energy. If we don’t allow any aspects of this energy to manifest, an
obstacle appears with overpressure arising on one side, and deficiency on the other.
MY MISSION is to facilitate people’s personal development, the FULFILMENT of their lives and the realization of organizational aims, with full dedication and international professionalism.
Only a few people realize that our lives our governed by our subconscious emotions with the help of our thoughts, decisions and actions. The success of my life depends on how successfully I can command my emotions in parallel with my thoughts.
This doesn’t only play an important role in business life, but in our everyday lives.

Just have a thought: how often do you feel depressed, how many times do you feel anxiety, fear, anger, annoyance, shameless or envy. These are all emotions that influence your decisions. Moreover these are negative emotions that lead you to the wrong directions.
Our consultation work is FAST, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT.
With our unique ACCREDITED TRAININGS, we give the participants a key to the door of their own lives. We consider PROFESSIONALITY and high-quality education as a priority. We haven’t pre-boxed solutions to the issues and problems that arise. Instead, we enable our participants to find their own solutions, to define specific goals and to compile the steps leading to it. After that, they can lead their clients and colleagues along this path.



We offer accredited training courses based on high-quality, special themes with highly qualified instructors and quality educational materials. Accredited training at Carla Galli Academy: Junior Pedagogical Program, Integrated Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Organizational Development, Group Coaching.

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Workshops resemble many of their elements in an interactive presentation. Workshop work is always done in small groups. Sitting in the room is also an active participant in the events, in a liberated state of consciousness they are able to experience the psychological situations that they have so far ignored. During the workshop, we work together and take the first steps towards the solution.

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Carla Galli’s name is intertwined with personal and business counseling, NLP therapy, self-knowledge training, in short: today, he is one of the most well-known and sought after consultants in Hungary. His books are recommended not only for practicing coaches and trainers, but for all those interested. “Each of my books published during my career represents an era in my life. “

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